Telemarkers between wonder and freedom with FLOK and FLOKA

From 21 to 28 March we will be reliving all the emotions of La Skieda®, the event which brings Telemarkers from all over the world to Livigno. New for 2015: all the high spirits and fraternity of La Skieda will be embodied in two comic-book characters, telemarkers FLOK and FLOKA.

Why Comics? Comic books have a narrative structure which allow free and imaginative expression, just like what happens during the week of La Skieda, when telemarkers take a break from daily reality to enjoy the high spirits and fraternity which have always distinguished this event.

Do you want to meet our telemarkers FLOK and FLOKA?

LA SKIEDA® 2015 – the 21st edition between wonder and freedom

The Telemark Club Livigno, together with all fans of ‘loose heel’ skiing, presents the twenty-first edition of LA SKIEDA, the Telemark event par excellence which brings over 1,700 telemarkers from all over the world to Livigno in search of freedom, fraternity and fancy on skis.

After the great response from the participants of the 20th edition, Telemark Club Livigno, in collaboration with APT Livigno, presents La Skieda 2015. “The twentieth edition was to be the last, the biggest and most important Skieda. But the telemarkers showed such acknowledgement and affection that we have decided to continue the tradition by organising a 2015 edition as well,” stated Fausto Bormolini, president of the Telemark Club Livigno Organising Committee.

La Skieda also took first prize at the Italian Free ride Awards 2014.

The programme will be ready soon, so start putting the dates in your diary – we will be waiting for you at the 21st La Skieda!

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