6 Types of Clothing No Woman Should Ever Wear to the Office

In 2016, the modern working woman’s uniform is no longer confined to a power suit. She can wear dresses, trousers, and depending on her career, jeans and sneakers, too. But that doesn’t mean a professional woman’s allowed to wear anything she pleases Outdoor Clothing. There are some pieces that, regardless of her job, are unsuitable for the office. Whether you’re starting your very first job out of college or are looking to spruce up your workwear Clothing Accessories, here are six pieces you should never wear to the office.

1. Leggings

Unless you’re a yoga instructor or personal trainer, leggings and the office don’t mix. They look like you just came from the gym and they’re oftentimes too tight to wear in front of your boss. And we’re including yoga pants and sweatpants in the mix. Some are sheer around the rear or show unflattering panty lines Knickers, so you’re risking an embarrassing moment when you bend over to pick up a paper from the printer. Instead, opt for a pair of cropped trousers. You can find them fitted, and many times they’re just as cozy as your favorite workout pants.

2. Anything sheer

While something sheer may be perfect for date night or grabbing drinks with your girlfriends, WhoWhatWear says it’s definitely not appropriate for the 9-to-5 grind. We hate to state the obvious, but showing off your undergarments at the office will give your colleagues the wrong idea — especially if you’re headed to an important meeting Eyewear & Accessories. Righting this wrong is simple: Just wear opaque clothes. If there is a sheer dress that teeters between professional and scandalous, pick up a solid slip to guarantee full coverage.

3. Flip-flops

When it’s 90 degrees and the humidity is at an all time high, you probably just want to be cool and comfortable. A sundress, crisp tank top, and even some shorts may be appropriate for work, but one thing’s for sure: flip-flops are not. Forbes says this is a no-go for everyone, even for more senior employees. After a couple hours walking around your office, the smacking noise your flip-flops make against the wooden floor will seriously annoy your co-workers. Not to mention these shoes look like you’re ready for the pool rather than that sought-after promotion Clothing. Lucky for you, there are tons of of comfortable flat and heeled sandals that look nice and will keep you cool in the warmer weather.

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