In Love with Candles, Potpourri and Fragrance

Our homes are probably the biggest inspiration for each of us; the very source of peace, prosperity and tranquility.

A romantic candlelight dinner with a loved one, lots of laughter and love can only inspire one to become a better person everyday.

And that is probably the main motto of ‘Angel’s Home’, a candle making venture by Farhana Ahmed and Sikder Mesbahuddin Ahmed, correspondingly the MD and the Chairman of the business enterprise Accessories.

Ahmed humbly admits to one of his personal sentiments, “When I got back from abroad, I strongly felt there was a lack of appropriate gift items intended for friends and family.

Every time I went to visit someone, I was constricted to purchasing fruits and sweets for them, as is the traditional practice in Bangladesh. This seemed a bit stereotyped and jaded, encouraging me to look out for innovative gift ideas every time I planned a visit.

Then, after much thought Hand Tools, I began gifting my friends beautiful candles, potpourri and decorative items. Amazingly, the response was immense and all of the gift recipients actually loved my thoughtful contributions. Finally, the vastness of the demand, for something different, encouraged me and my wife to kick-start Angel’s Home.”

The candle-making venture by the dynamic duo specialises in products like glass jar candles, pillar candles, tea light candle pots, dry flowers, potpourri, ceramic pots, table lamps and many other decorative items.

The establishment continues to put their earnest effort in improving designs and quality so that customers are best served – just like they should be Shorts & Trousers, adds a delighted Ahmed.

“A lot of effort is placed on R&D, making sure clients get that ideal environment- friendly, elegant, and sophisticated handmade product for their beloved homes,” he says.

Glass jar candles at Angel’s Home are made of natural soy wax and fragrance Lights & Lanterns. The wicks are made from 100% cotton. Pillar candles are made out of the most refined paraffin wax. An in-depth look around at the little outlet in Uttara would reveal that each of the candles at Angel’s Home is handmade, crafted with elegant designs and decorated with passion.

Farhana Ahmed adds that their website is very interactive and customers can customise online according to their preference Work Wear & Uniforms. She stresses a bit more on the development process. “We are unique because all our materials are carefully monitored to ensure that they are absolutely free from any harmful chemical ingredient. The design team works relentlessly to ensure that one gets to obtain a complete package of beauty and functionality.”

Other gift items to choose from at Angel’s Home are:

Leather bags for both the sexes, potpourri with various fragrances and colours, custom made ceramic jars for tea light candles, custom made glass jars for pillar candles, custom made glass jars and ceramic pots for potpourri, metallic candle holders and porcelain jars – carefully hand crafted to ensure sophistication.

Here’s to a future in hoarding-up on gorgeous candles and truly believing in what Anne Frank said – “Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness.”

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