Every day from Sunday 2nd to Friday 7th our Mountain Guides will organise backcountry tours in the mountains.

You are pleased to join them and come every evening at 5pm in Plaza Placheda for further information and a fresh draft beer!

The cost for every day tour will be 5euro devolved to “Progetto Icaro”.

The tip is not included, but is always welcome :-)))))))))

The guides:

  • Paolo Tassi
  • Bruno Mottini
  • Alberto Trombetta
  • Mario Mottini
  • Davide Spini
  • Emanuele Tizzoni
  • Giuliano Bordoni
  • Alberto Marazzi
  • Jacopo Compagnoni
  • Marco Majori
  • Franz Valgoi

… and special guest Adriano Mottini e Fabiano Monti.

Avalanche Bulletin

Snow quality bulletin

Day 1

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Day 2