It had never been as easy to find the right name for our event as it was this year, the 24th. And why was it so easy you might ask? Simply because, after the 2017 Free event where, with no programme or specific organisation 830 telemarkers signed up in Plaza Placheda, there was a strong temptation to repeat the experience, without too many commitments.

These figures were, however, fruit of the work of the many friends who committed to organising the days you spent enjoying Livigno – from the Alpine Guides who put themselves at your disposal, free of charge, to the Sherpa della Skieda group, the Associazione Mattias, the guys from Livigno Telemark Team, the Tee di Federia group, our friend Karin and all the people who, with the backup of Ski Pass Livigno and the APT Tourist Board, did their utmost to ensure you would experience a week of fun and friendship, following our motto of YOU ARE LA SKIEDA at all times.

In order to understand whether the 2017 formula could actually become a way of continuing our event year after year, we issued a survey immediately afterward to find out what you thought.

The results showed that everybody had clearly enjoyed the new proposal and had had enormous fun with it, but also that almost all those asked were sorry there was no single package and no single management team coordinating the event.

At that stage we had to decide whether to choose this new organisation or once again propose the classical formula forimula the interviewees wanted. As we didnt really find a real answer, this is where the name of the 24th event came from – QUO VADIS SKIEDA – where are you going?

But what does that mean exactly? Well, that this year, once again, along with the APT Tourist Board, Ski Pass Livigno and you yourselves, well be trying to understand how best to navigate 2018 in order to reach our goal: an incredible 25th edition which will bring a wonderful twenty-five years together to a close in 2019.

So the classic Accreditation Office will return to Plaza Placheda with a complete package offering a whole host of the events youve grown to know, such as the Welcome Party, the Festa Trepallina (party), the Cena Recycling (dinner) on the Friday oltra as well as a new event, through which youll discover an area of Livigno the La Skieda programme has not proposed before.

The pre-accreditation procedure will also return, so you can enrol online and find your package waiting for you on arrival in Livigno, complete with a Ski Pass enabling you to start your La Skieda week immediately.

The Alpine Guides will once again be at your disposal for outings which, with the copious amounts of snow that have fallen on Livigno this year, will most certainly be amazing. Your safety is also guaranteed thanks to the work of our expert, Fabiano Monti, and his invaluable daily report on the conditions of the snow.

The Telemark Team Livigno competition, which was a resounding success last year, will be held again, as will the Junior Classic on the Friday dedicated to over one hundred kids and children who will hail the winter together at La Skieda.

The Sun Rising/Rising Sun? Risinig will take yet another step upwards by liaising with three Michelin star chefs to offer a Gourmet breakfastat over 2000 metres a.s.l.. Organised by the Associazione Mattias, the proceeds from the event will be used to continue the work of helping and training young chefs to follow in the footsteps of a great friend of La Skieda, Matias Peri.

There will also be a whole host of Side Events at the new Telecabina Carosello 3000 and Meating Point Mottolino cabins located at altitude, for après-ski as well as evenings in the various different pubs in Livigno to finish off your days.

Many parts of the programme are still being prepared and will shortly be issued. Well keep you posted about all the latest developments day girono after day both on our website www.skieda.com and social media.

We believe weve told you everything for now and are certain many of you will come, reminding everyone that the La Skieda family is huge, and also that its ready to mark out the very special path that will lead to the 25 year mark


SO you can now start enrolling, organising your week, getting your skis ready and planning your holiday in Livigno, remembering at all times that