30th March to 6th April 2019

From 30th March to 6th April we’ll be travelling along the last stretch of a long journey with you all in Livigno, a journey that began an incredible twenty-five years ago on 1st April 1995,... It is for this LAST TRACK that we’d love to meet up with ALL of you for a farewell event that will most certainly remain in our hearts and memories forever.

LAST TRACK, we chose this name to end our impassioned story, as we think that the tracks left by skiing in the fresh snow of Livigno represent the perfect image of what we’ve done with you all over the last twenty-five years.

Twenty-five years are a good few and you, our visitors, are also a good few, over 6,000 telemarkers from all over the world who have come to Livigno solely for LA SKIEDA. There were 151 attendees at the first event in 1995... 803 at the 5th in 1999 ... 963 at the 2004 EdiXion...... 1492 at the 15th, LA SKIEDA FIABESCA… and 1764 at the 20th LA SKIEDA which we called LA FRATELLANZA... How many of you will there be for the 25th, the LAST TRACK? We’re dreaming of a nice round number, but are afraid to say it aloud so will leave the thought with you…

It’ll be wonderful to see and greet each and every one of you, one by one, to reminisce and remember what has happened over the years, a story, an anecdote, something which made LA SKIEDA special for you. It’s really important for there to be many of us so we can leave an unforgettable memory of that which LA SKIEDA has been for us, for you and for the Telemark family!

For our part, as organisers, we’re totally committed to making this THE EDITION. Along with Livigno SkiPass and Livigno A.P.T. tourist board who’ve always been at our side, we’re preparing a LA SKIEDA which is truly suited to your requirements.

We’ll be covering many different tracks: the approach to LA SKIEDA, an enhanced Ski Test, a night excursion with the Alpine Guides, a 4.0 installation in Plaza Placheda, the Great Farewell on Friday evening in an amazing outdoor setting, a super-gadget, a new event, Epoque, for kids, our traditions of recycling and minimum impact and much, much more.

The first piece of big news starts as of today and concerns our association with SCARPA, a leading company in the sector of mountain sports footwear, which has linked its prestigious brand to Livigno and LA SKIEDA.


Thanks to this partnership, AS AN EXCLUSIVE OFFER AND ONLY FOR THE ONLINE PRE-ACCREDITATION PROCEDURE, all those who sign up for the 25th LA SKIEDA LAST TRACK by 6 January 2019 for a stay with skipass of 4 daysor more  will be issued with a personalised LA SKIEDA SCARPA sweatshirt.

Moreover, again during the online pre-accreditation procedure, all those who enrol by 6 January 2019 will be able to enjoy a significant extra-discount on the registration fee. Indeed, said fee will remain the same as that of 2018 for standard credits, with no increase.

As of this week you can preregister online and touch base with us on both and all major social networks, which will be regularly updated with news and information about the event.

You’ll no doubt have understood that LA SKIEDA LAST TRACK will be the most important one of all, and we’d like to share this very special moment with you, in order to say:



The Organising Committee

“During long winter evenings in a village in the very heart of the mountains, grandmothers and mothers sang their stories and we, their spellbound grandchildren and children, listened to them enraptured.

This is where the great pleasure we feel in creating our stories and recounting them as true fairytales comes from, and it is perhaps why a movement dedicated to researching and to the innovation of a magical world - that of skiing - was formed. Since this sport first existed, Livigno has interpreted its innovative side. A new group of skiers was created from this philosophy, free, passionate, and devoted to an alternative skiing discipline, that of Telemarking.

In 1995, La Skieda took place for the very first time thanks to Luigi Martinelli, Damiano Bormolini, Rudy Mottini, Fausto Bormolini, Davide Rocca, Fabrizio Talacci and Luca Gasparini, continuing today with Michele Zanoli, Fabio Borga, Matteo Gianola, Mattia Mottini, Adriano Mottini, Luca Bormolini and Fabiano Monti. It has also expanded thanks to Kathy Martin, Babi Paini, David Mottini, Dario Bormolini, Jacopo Mottini, Filippo Sensoli, Valentina Maccarelli, Pamela Viviani, and all Sherpa and collaborators of  the LA SKIEDA in Livigno and Trepalle!